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Cloud computing (Cloud Computing) which is a joint operation of computers by using network-based cloud computing internet network in order to provide easy access to the client computer. Where cloud computing as a center of information stored on the server and stored in computers. In other words, cloud computing network a new technological breakthrough is widely diseur world. Cloud computing network is also an infrastructure that can simplify all circles which can be accessed easily and quickly.
Cloud Computing

The type of cloud computing network service type is as follows:
1. Infrastructure as a Service (IA as)
      Infrastructure as a Service is a service that provides a lot of convenience in the IT field are turned away CPU RAM etc. All of this computation is used to create a virtual computer network. All these virtual installed with the purpose of facilitating the ease of every user in every operating systems as well as complementary information systems. This type of service is very practical too for free without paying and can be changed as needed by the user by displaying the information affected by the problem. Companies that provide this service are Telkom Cloud BizNetcloud etc.

2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
     Platform as a Service is a service that many network provides cloud computing is the platform. Already, there are types of network operating system directly, databese, and visualization applications that have been made previously. This type of computing network in the responsibility by the issuing company as well as all maintenance and service. Many advantages in this type of cloud computing services such as creating applications or development application without thinking about maintenance and service computing platform. The company that provides the service delivery of the Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure.

3. Software as a Service (Saas)
      Software as a Service is a cloud computing service that the user can use apps that have been provided by company providing this service. The company manages infrastructure services and platforms that run the application. Examples of email application services i.e. Gmail, yahoo and outlook while examples of social media application is twitter, Facebook and Google +. The advantage of this service is that users do not need to buy a license to access the application. Users only need a cloud computing client device connected to the internet. There are also applications that require users to subscribe in order to access the application that Office 365 and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

a. Advantages
  • Flexibility, Namely to provide east all e with such practical data storage and music playback
  • Ease of access Namely cloud computing services provide easy access to access anytime and anywhere and can do the work without having to sit in front of computers.
  • Saving With cloud computing certainly provide cost effectiveness, especially for companies that provide cloud computing services where companies can decrease computers that have high costs and high maintenance and also provide facilities such as the installation of applications using cloud computing network.
b. Deficiency

Disadvantages network cloud computing lies in the Internet network connection or access point to the cloud. If we do not have an internet connection we can connect to cloud computing network