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Software is a software that has no physical form or in the form of computer operating systems. software typically consists of a collection of electronic data that their activities are regulated by a computer in the form of instruction program will be run if it is ruled by user computer or computer user. Is software central computer capable of running all the commands from the computer computer? Software user is divided into two sections there are a paid software and there is also free for use.
Paid software is a software distributed for the purpose of paid particular purpose software made by someone, but not for a while that which is disseminated to wear should buy that software to the software maker at a price which is usually relatively expensive. As for software that cannot be distributed among MS Windows, MS office etc.

Free software is software or software that is made in order to ease the activities share for ease in computing activities freely. The free software can be created or copied back to a specific destination without charge a penny for the main purpose of this software that provides ease of use software applications without pay or free
software and type
This free software refers more freely  not only free but only  no provisions as originally did not enjoy unlimited, free software than can be used free of charge to can be changed modified and redistributed to provide additional convenience to ease the software. Free same software and freeware is a free application but otherwise limited also should not be free as freeware.

Shareware is also a free software but are more limited and in the period that the bias is short or has timed out if it has exceeded the time limit then automatically the software will not be used again but death, usually shareware published by a company in order to test the product market for \buyers to more of the original purchase. Strategic is a business opportunity that can be used to improve the quality and quantity of products made

In addition we also know that adware advertising program. The program is also one of the techniques that are quick to sell products by introducing the first product in a manner mediated advertising period or other media.

As for the types of software are:
  • Games Software is software created for entertainment purposes in computer applications, with applications games we can overcome boredom while using the computer.
  • Software Driver is a program designed specifically for the program allows the computer to be able to interact with additional hardware devices such as printers etc. 
  • Educational Software is Software give made for the purpose of education in computer applications, these applications can provide convenience especially in the field of education such as typing or also flash application.
  • The media player is a software used to modify data or image to our liking as Photoshop editing photograph.
  •  Operating system Software is major in computer software described here is the life essence of a computer without this software the computer cannot function, and therefore the operating system is the interface between user and the computer like windows